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New HP Pavilion 17-E 17-E000 Series LCD Video Cable - 720676-001 DD0R68LC010


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Description of HP Pavilion 17-E Series LCD Cable:
Condition: New
Warranty:3 Months
Package Content: 1 x LCD Cable
Shipping: Free worldwide shipping!

Replacement for:
720676-001 720684-001 DD0R68LC010

Fit models:
Pavilion 17-E000 Series Pavilion 17-E002XX Pavilion 17-E009WM
Pavilion 17-E010US Pavilion 17-E011NR Pavilion 17-E012NR
Pavilion 17-E013NR Pavilion 17-E014NR Pavilion 17-E016DX
Pavilion 17-E017CL Pavilion 17-E017DX Pavilion 17-E019DX
Pavilion 17-E020DX Pavilion 17-E020US Pavilion 17-E021NR
Pavilion 17-E024NR Pavilion 17-E028CA Pavilion 17-E030US
Pavilion 17-E031NR Pavilion 17-E033CA Pavilion 17-E033NR
Pavilion 17-E035NR Pavilion 17-E037CL Pavilion 17-E038CA
Pavilion 17-E039NR Pavilion 17-E040US Pavilion 17-E046US
Pavilion 17-E048CA Pavilion 17-E049WM Pavilion 17-E050US
Pavilion 17-E052XX Pavilion 17-E053CA Pavilion 17-E054CA
Pavilion 17-E055NR Pavilion 17-E056US Pavilion 17-E061NR
Pavilion 17-E062NR Pavilion 17-E063NR Pavilion 17-E064NR
Pavilion 17-E065NR Pavilion 17-E066NR Pavilion 17-E067CL
Pavilion 17-E067NR Pavilion 17-E068NR Pavilion 17-E071NR
Pavilion 17-E072NR Pavilion 17-E073NR Pavilion 17-E074NR
Pavilion 17-E075NR Pavilion 17-E076NR Pavilion 17-E077NR
Pavilion 17-E078NR Pavilion 17-E079NR Pavilion 17-E086NR
Pavilion 17-E088NR Pavilion 17-E089NR Pavilion 17-E098NR
Pavilion 17-E100 Series Pavilion 17-E101NR Pavilion 17-E102NR
Pavilion 17-E103NR Pavilion 17-E104NR Pavilion 17-E105NR
Pavilion 17-E106NR Pavilion 17-E107NR Pavilion 17-E108NR
Pavilion 17-E109NR Pavilion 17-E110DX Pavilion 17-E110NR
Pavilion 17-E111NR Pavilion 17-E112DX Pavilion 17-E112NR
Pavilion 17-E113DX Pavilion 17-E113NR Pavilion 17-E114NR
Pavilion 17-E115NR Pavilion 17-E116DX Pavilion 17-E116NR
Pavilion 17-E117DX Pavilion 17-E117NR Pavilion 17-E118DX
Pavilion 17-E118NR Pavilion 17-E119NR Pavilion 17-E119WM
Pavilion 17-E120CA Pavilion 17-E120NR Pavilion 17-E121CA
Pavilion 17-E121NR Pavilion 17-E122NR Pavilion 17-E123CL
Pavilion 17-E128CA Pavilion 17-E129NR Pavilion 17-E130US
Pavilion 17-E131NR Pavilion 17-E132NR Pavilion 17-E134NR
Pavilion 17-E135NR Pavilion 17-E137CL Pavilion 17-E140NR
Pavilion 17-E140US Pavilion 17-E141NR Pavilion 17-E143NR
Pavilion 17-E144NR Pavilion 17-E146NR Pavilion 17-E146US
Pavilion 17-E147CA Pavilion 17-E147CL Pavilion 17-E148CA
Pavilion 17-E149NR Pavilion 17-E150NR Pavilion 17-E150US
Pavilion 17-E151NR Pavilion 17-E153CA Pavilion 17-E160NR
Pavilion 17-E160US Pavilion 17-E161NR Pavilion 17-E162NR
Pavilion 17-E166NR Pavilion 17-E169NR Pavilion 17-E171NR
Pavilion 17-E172NR Pavilion 17-E175NR Pavilion 17-E176NR
Pavilion 17-E178CA Pavilion 17-E180NR Pavilion 17-E181NR
Pavilion 17-E182NR Pavilion 17-E183NR Pavilion 17-E184NR
Pavilion 17-E185NR Pavilion 17-E187NR Pavilion 17-E188NR
Pavilion 17-E189NR Pavilion 17-E193NR Pavilion 17-E194NR
Pavilion 17-E195NR Pavilion 17-E196NR Pavilion 17-E197NR
Pavilion 17-E198NR Pavilion 17-E199NR Pavilion 17Z-E000 Series

Removal HP Pavilion 17-E Series LCD Cable

For the convenience, here we provide a universal instruction for your reference, it is simple and some steps may be different to the disassembly of your laptop. If you need a detailed manual, please contact us, we will email you if we have.

1. Make sure that your HP Pavilion 17-E Series is powered completely off: Unplug the power cord and take the battery out. .

2. Turn over you laptop and remove all the screws you can see. Then remove all the covers such as hard drive cover, memory card cover. Disconnect the antenna cables from the Mini Card, if applicable.

3. Open the display all the way (180 degrees) so that it rests on your work surface. Insert a scribe into the indent to lift the keyboard cover on the right side. Ease the keyboard cover up, moving from right to left, and remove it.

4. Remove the screws (if has) that hold the keyboard in place and push back some plastic tabs. Lift the keyboard and unplug the keyboard cable from the motherboard. Remove the HP Pavilion 17-E Series keyboard.

5. Remove the screws (may not have) that hold the palm rest in place. Carefully pry loose any plastic snaps on the sides, then lift palm rest up and uplug all the cables. Remove the palm reset.

6. Remove the top cover (if has) of the laptop base, you may need to remove some screws and cables firstly.

7. Disconnect the display cable from the system board, and then disengage the display cable from the cable channel. Carefully unthread the Mini Card antenna cables through the laptop base and ensure that the plastic protectors-if-present-remain on the individual cables. Disconnect all other cables from the mother board to display assembly.

8. Remove the screws that connect the display to the computer base. Then remove the HP Pavilion 17-E Series display assembly.

9. Remove the screw covers on the display bezel and remove the screws. Remove the display bezel.

10. Loosen the captive ground screw that attaches the display panel ground wire to the display back cover.

11. Remove all the screws on each side of the display panel. Lift the display panel out of the display back cover. Press in both sides of the top flex cable connector, and pull the top flex cable connector away from the display connector.
12. Use the pull tab to disconnect the bottom flex cable connector from the inverter connector. Now, you can remove the HP Pavilion 17-E Series LCD video cable

Installing HP Pavilion 17-E Series LCD video cable Replacement

Reverse the procedure to install the HP Pavilion 17-E Series LCD video cable replacement.