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New Black US HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard 642263-141 646125-001


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Product Description of HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard:

Color: Black
Layout: US
Condition: New
Warranty: 3 Months
Shipping: Free worldwide shipping!

Replacement for:
55011P600-035-G 642263-141 646125-001
9Z.N6WSF.101 AER15U00010 V12046AS1 US

Fit Models:
HP 2000-100 Series HP 2000-101XX HP 2000-104CA
HP 2000-120CA HP 2000-129CA HP 2000-130CA
HP 2000-140CA HP 2000-150CA HP 2000-151CA
HP 2000-200 Series HP 2000-208CA HP 2000-210US
HP 2000-211HE HP 2000-216NR HP 2000-217NR
HP 2000-219DX HP 2000-224CA HP 2000-227CL
HP 2000-228CA HP 2000-239DX HP 2000-239WM
HP 2000-240CA HP 2000-250CA HP 2000-299WM
HP 2000-300 Series HP 2000-300CA HP 2000-314NR
HP 2000-320CA HP 2000-329WM HP 2000-340CA
HP 2000-350US HP 2000-351NR HP 2000-352NR
HP 2000-353NR HP 2000-354NR HP 2000-355DX
HP 2000-356US HP 2000-358NR HP 2000-361NR
HP 2000-363NR HP 2000-365DX HP 2000-369NR
HP 2000-369WM HP 2000-370CA HP 2000-373CA
HP 2000-379WM HP 2000-400 series HP 2000-400CA
HP 2000-410US HP 2000-412NR HP 2000-416DX
HP 2000-417NR HP 2000-420CA HP 2000-425NR
HP 2000-427CL HP 2000-428DX HP 2000-450CA
HP 2000-453CA

Removing a Keyboard from HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 Laptop

For the convenience, we provide an universal instruction for your reference, it is very simple, and some steps may be different to disassembly your laptop. If you need a detailed manual, please contact us, we will email you if we have.

NOTICE: To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface (such as a connector on the back of the computer).

1. Make sure that your laptop is powered completely off: Unplug the power cord and take the battery out.

2. Turn the laptop upside down, remove all the screws securing the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard and keyboard cover. Some laptops don’t have these crews, if so, you can skip this step.

3. Open the display all the way (180 degrees) so that it rests on your work surface.

4. Insert a scribe into the indent to lift the keyboard cover on the right side. Ease the keyboard cover up, moving from right to left, and remove it. To some laptops, the keyboard cover doesn’t need to be removed.
NOTICE: To avoid damaging the keyboard cover, do not lift the cover on both sides simultaneously.
NOTICE: Before removing the cover, be aware that it may have a data cable on the back that is connected to the laptop. So be very cautious remove the keyboard cover.

5. Remove the screws (if exist) that hold the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard in place and push back some plastic tabs.

6. Lift the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard and hold it up and slightly forward to allow access to the keyboard connector. There may be a little plastic connector holding the ribbon cable to the computer. To unlock it, carefully pull up on the two tabs; one located on each corner of the connector. The ribbon cable will now be released.

7. Carefully pull the ribbon cable out of the connector and remove it along with the entire HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard.

Installing the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard Replacement

1. Pick up your new HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 Keyboard, align it, and attach the data cable to the connector on the laptop, usually by inserting the flat cable as far as it will go and then flipping the small latch on the connector back down to grasp it.

2. With the data cable connected, set the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 keyboard in place, being careful not to pull at or damage the cable in any way.

3. Reinsert the screws to hold the keyboard down and reattach the cover piece, which usually requires a little force to snap back into place. If you removed any screws earlier, reinsert those as well.

4. If everything went smoothly, you can reinstall your battery and boot up the HP 2000-100 2000-200 2000-300 2000-400 laptop.