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Product Description of Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 LCD TOP COVER

Laptop Brand Apple
Laptop Series MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 series;
Item LCD Top Cover / LCD Rear Cover
Manufacturer Part Number  
Warranty 3 months
Condition Refurbished. Tested in 100% working condition.
Shipping Free worldwide shipping

Note: Please note that all of our listings are sold exactly as pictured, and this item does not come with any additional parts or pieces not shown in the picture. Please make sure it's the replacement you need, before you make the payment.If you are not sure please contact us, will make sure for you.

Replace  Apple MACBOOK A1342 LCD Back Cover / Top Cover

For the convenience, here we provide a universal instruction for your reference, it is simple and some steps may be different to the disassembly of your laptop. If you need a detailed manual, please contact us, we will email you if we have.

1. Shut down your  Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342. Disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery.
2. Remove the  Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 keyboard.

    Turn the laptop upside down, remove screws securing the keyboard.
    Open the  Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 and lift up the keyboard from the bottom of the keyboard.
    detach the keyboard cable connector.
    Remove the keyboard.

3. Turn the laptop upside down again. Remove screws on the bottom which secure the keyboard bezel.
4. Open the laptop, remove the screws (if have) secure the palmrest / keyboard bezel, loosen the palmrest / keyboard bezel by your fingers and lift it a little, uplug the FPC able.
5. Remove the palmrest / keyboard bezel.
6. Remove screws fastening the LCD hinges. Then detach the LCD module from the main unit.  
7. Remove the screw caps. Then remove the screws holding the LCD bezel.
8. Detach the LCD bezel from the LCD module then remove the LCD inverter.
9. Remove screws holding the LCD assembly to the LCD top cover / back cover.
10. Take out the LCD assembly from the  Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 LCD top cover / back cover.
11. Now, you can install your new  Apple MACBOOK UNIBODY A1342 LCD top cover / back cover.